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    Here are the top 10 things you should know about RAHUL MITERA:

    The only thing Rahul loves more than music is sharing it with others. This is what inspired the launch of RHYTHM FORCE PRODUCTIONS almost two decades ago. This is also why, when he's not working, he can usually be found hosting parties, creating playlists, and suggesting tracks to fellow music lovers.

    Rahul launched RHYTHM FORCE while still in high school and has been guiding it to new heights ever since. Yes. That's right. He has never worked anywhere else for anyone else. And he intends to keep it that way,  by maintaining his position as the GTA's most respected and diversified DJ.

    As the founder, operator, and director of RHYTHM FORCE, Rahul is committed to making your event effortless, spectacular, and memorable. Whether he's the one spinning, or supervising a member of his talented stable, his madness for music is your event's secret weapon. And he has secrets for bridal, student, corporate, and film/fashion clients alike.

    Rahul on the secret of successful bridal gigs: "I pay attention to the bride and groom. Everyone assumes they're being taken care of. But, most of the time, they're doing all the care-taking, and they don't get to enjoy their own special day. I make sure to play their favourites--and their parents' favourites as well."

    Rahul on the secret of successful student gigs: "It's about satisfying both students and administrators. Students want their requests honoured by DJs who come with both brand-new tracks and much-loved classics. We do that. Administrators want to feel like they're spending their limited budgets safely and wisely. We do that too, by keeping our music legal, fees reasonable, and entourages non-existent."

    Rahul on the secret of successful corporate gigs: "I just keep it moving. And I keep changing it up as well. At any corporate gig, there's a mix of ages, tastes, and cultures. This isn't exactly the place to play a 12-minute version of a song, no matter how popular it may be."

    Rahul on the secret of successful film and fashion gigs: "Designers and directors are the same. They have a mood... a theme... a message to convey. Usually to a very demanding crowd. So, at these gigs, my job is to prime the crowd with music evocative of the creative statements they're about to see."

    Rahul's first record was Michael Jackson's THRILLER. 

    To more easily share his passion for music, Rahul maintains an intentionally diverse client base and a low cost of entry.

    Rahul currently resides in Georgetown, Ontario, where he maintains the headquarters of RHYTHM FORCE while co-parenting his two children.